VR: Under the Surface, close to the Shore

Screenshot of my #VR experience, where I used #AI generated art as well

Here’s one of my first #VR #Art Experiences where I combine #OpenBrush VR with #AI generated art I created using #Midjourney and #DallE. This is the 2D version, the 3D version will take some more time to render and edit. Link will be posted here. While many people can create #AI images now the question arises wat this will do with real, old skool art. Compared to old skool photography: when everyone was able to take literally hundreds of shots by just using their mobile phones, in most cases there’s no need for professional photographers anymore. Now everyone can create “art”, life like, non figurative, whatever you like and which style you like. Do you want your car or girlfriend painted as if it was made by Van Gogh, that’s possible now by just entering a few keywords. Not satisfied? Choose some other keywords. When the first 3D printer using oilpaint will become available, it might be the end of art as we know it. Time will tell. This artwork is also for sale as a unique #NFT on my #OpenSea-channel:

The 2D highres version is on my YouTube Channel


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