VR: “Inner Journey”

Screenshot of my trippy and psychedelic VR "Inner Journey" experience
Here’s the highres 4K version of my new Open Brush “Inner Journey” VR-experience, which is also available as a 360 degree Experience on my Meta TV channel ( Headset needed ). Link: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/media/2136189406558101/

Sit back and relax, immerse yourself into this mesmerizing and trippy scene, where I used some objects from my earlier “Tribute to Santana” ( https://youtu.be/isYARAJfDNw ) and Psychedelic Hippie” (https://youtu.be/0ZNX-ytR04A ) scenes as well. Parts of the scene will also be available as NFT’s on my Open Sea channel ( https://opensea.io/ReinBijlsma-Art ). Feel free to contact me for work on commission of other NFT projects


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