VR: Duplo Winter Wonderworld

We all want to be a child again, every now and then. Playing with toys, puppets, cars, and everyone will remember playing with Lego and Duplo!
In these troubled times I could escape into virtual reality and rebuild the worlds I was creating with my children many years ago.
I used my iPad Pro Lidar camera to 3D-scan a Duplo construction which I imported in my #Tiltbrush scene, and added all the snowy effects using different brushes.
I hope you enjoy this scene and let me wish you a very and above all healthy 2021. May the better times return.

This scene is also available as a 3D VR seated experience using your VR goggles. The 4:26 minute experience is for sale for $5 using the PayPal link below. Once the transaction is complete, you’ll receive a download link to my One Drive. There you download the file. Once downloaded you can transfer this experience to your pc/headset. You can use any VR-movie viewer to watch!

( By buying this scene you confirm to use it for personal use only and not to distribute it in any way )


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