VR: Under the Surface, close to the Shore

Screenshot of my #VR experience, where I used #AI generated art as well

Here’s one of my first #VR #Art Experiences where I combine #OpenBrush VR with #AI generated art I created using #Midjourney and #DallE. This is the 2D version, the 3D version will take some more time to render and edit. Link will be posted here. While many people can create #AI images now the question arises wat this will do with real, old skool art. Compared to old skool photography: when everyone was able to take literally hundreds of shots by just using their mobile phones, in most cases there’s no need for professional photographers anymore. Now everyone can create “art”, life like, non figurative, whatever you like and which style you like. Do you want your car or girlfriend painted as if it was made by Van Gogh, that’s possible now by just entering a few keywords. Not satisfied? Choose some other keywords. When the first 3D printer using oilpaint will become available, it might be the end of art as we know it. Time will tell. This artwork is also for sale as a unique #NFT on my #OpenSea-channel:

The 2D highres version is on my YouTube Channel

VR: “Intergalactic Garden Shoppe”

I went to the local #Intratuin gardenshop and used my iPhone Lidar camera to create some 3D scans from different objects. Then I mixed everything together in #OpenBrush to create this immersive large scale #VR scene

Enjoy the 2D version in 4K at YouTube

The 3D 360 degree 4K version can be experienced on my #DeoVR Premium channel. Headset needed: https://deovr.com/videos/intergalactic-garden-shoppe-2963

VR: “Inner Journey”

Screenshot of my trippy and psychedelic VR "Inner Journey" experience
Here’s the highres 4K version of my new Open Brush “Inner Journey” VR-experience, which is also available as a 360 degree Experience on my Meta TV channel ( Headset needed ). Link: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/media/2136189406558101/

Sit back and relax, immerse yourself into this mesmerizing and trippy scene, where I used some objects from my earlier “Tribute to Santana” ( https://youtu.be/isYARAJfDNw ) and Psychedelic Hippie” (https://youtu.be/0ZNX-ytR04A ) scenes as well. Parts of the scene will also be available as NFT’s on my Open Sea channel ( https://opensea.io/ReinBijlsma-Art ). Feel free to contact me for work on commission of other NFT projects

AI Art: “Together”, AI version

I’ve been experimenting with #AI #Generative# #Neural Art lately. This one is inspired by my VR experience “Together” and is avaialable as a highres #NFT at Open Sea: https://opensea.io/assets/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/71215958238644342971105592993731657401516891052087352650361649220584126545921/

I want to mix real life 2D art, like the original painting, with VR experiences and AI generative art.

AI Art: “Secret Garden”

AI generated image, using mixed software programs

Recently I started experimenting with computer generated AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) Art, just to check if I can use the output ( images and movies ) in my VR Artwork.
Generating AI art can be done in several ways, like feeding the programs which I use with a text phrase, adding and altering different variables and then the computer starts rendering, which may take hours, depending on which software and output you want to create.
This scene will be avaialable as a highres NFT soon

VR: “Together”

This is a mixture of traditional and digital art. First I made a painting, using acryllic paint on canvas, after a AI generated picture which I uploaded. I also added Glow-in-the-Dark 3D printed material, to obtain a more surreal, alien-like effect in the evenings or nights.

Then I used different techniques, taking photo’s of the painting, editing them in Photoshop and creating several partly transparant layers, which I imported into virtual reality, thus creating a mixture of old and new techniques: Together.

Parts of this scene will also be available as a series of #NFT #Crypto Art, the first one, a panoramic video is already online and available for bids here: https://knownorigin.io/gallery/1723000-together-panoramic-video

The 3D 360 degree VR version can be excperienced here:

VR: “Space Cathedral”

It’s almost impossible for me to stop creating art in #VR. It’s such an overwhelming and immersive experience compared to creating art in 2D, which I used to do a few years ago. I still do, but this can’t be compared to anything I know. Being able to create my dreams, like this Space Cathedral which I’m working at for a couple of hours now. I just wanted to share this preview, created using mixed programs like #ColoryVR and Apple iPad Pro Create. Once finished, parts of this scene will be available as #CryptoArt as well I think. Feel free to add comments, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Open for work on commission: reinbijlsma@live.nl

VR: “Fly KLM”

Here’s the final result of my latest #VR #TiltBrush #art scene, called “Fly #KLM“. During the creation process I made several edits in color and background, until I reached the atmosphere I was aiming at: a #surrealistic tribute to ancient civilizations trying to reach out for what has been impossible for decades: Flying. The 360 degree 4K VR experience ( without rolling clouds however ) is here on my #Oculus #QuestTV ‘exclusive only’ channel: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/me… Feel free to comment and share this video, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Open for work on commission ( like music videos! ) as well: reinbijlsma@live.nl

VR: “Warrior”

I’m not into creating endless monster/creature stuff like a lot of artists seem to do nowadays ( sorry 😞).
However, you could consider this #VR #Art piece, created in #TiltBrush, as depicting a monster. It’s what’s hidden in our mind and sometimes emerges to the surface of our behaviour.
This scene will be avaiable as a 360 degree 4k VR experience soon on my #Oculus #Quest TV Channel, I’ll post the link here once it’s ready.
Feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions. Open for work on commission, #NFT proposals or artistic collaboration as well: reinbijlsma@live.nl.
Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube or Instagram channel! Enjoy! #YearofVRArt

NFT Art: “Ceci n’est pas Crypto Art”

I decided to create this art piece to share my concern about an overheating Crypto Art market, where sometimes a lot of trash seems to be sold for ridiculous amounts of ( crypto) money. Real world artists often spend a lot of time and effort to create some beautiful or expressive art, and I think that we all should consider if this is the direction we want to go. I’d love to hear your opinion on this as well, so feel free to contact me.
This Crypto Artwork is for sale as a mp4 movie ( with a little surprise at the end ) at one of my Crypto channels here: https://mybae.io/artwork/849

VR: “Skull”

Enjoy ( well, ‘enjoy’ might be a little bit of overkill when it comes to not getting frightened by this ) my latest scene, created in #VR​ using #TiltBrush​. I used different materials here, textured the skull and Rexie ( model by Rigsters Scanning Company in Copenhagen : https://rigsters.com/​ ) using Marmoset Toolbag, added some Deep Dream stuff I created and mixed everything together in VR. Parts of this scene will be available as #CryptoArt​ as well here: https://knownorigin.io/gallery/287525…​ Stay tuned for more updates on this one ( working on a 360 degree VR video as well, but without the included video parts ) .
This is a Crypto Art Piece taken from this scene, for sale at my Crypto Page at Known Origin: https://knownorigin.io/gallery/287525-skull

VR: “Inkworld”

Created in #VR​ using #ColoryVR​: Art started thousands of years ago with small drawings and carvings on rocks and stones….many years later we now have digital art, created in a reality which doesn’t even exist; virtual reality. I used ink drawings which I found on the net ( if someone can tell me the artists I’ll give credits to them in this description ) which I transferred into some custom made brushes, used in this VR-creation, to calm your mind, to immerse yourself in this transcendent outer world, situated somewhere in the dark corners of our imagination.

VR: “The Long Wait”

In this scene, created in #VR​ using #TiltBrush​, I wanted to express my mood in these #corona​ troubled times. We’re all waiting for almost a year now, feeling isolated on an alien island in an alien world with no way to escape, surrounded by borders we cannot touch or cross…. Let’s hope this year will end better than the last and that we can make our fantasies come true again. #YearOfVRArt#Covid19

VR: Duplo Winter Wonderworld

We all want to be a child again, every now and then. Playing with toys, puppets, cars, and everyone will remember playing with Lego and Duplo!
In these troubled times I could escape into virtual reality and rebuild the worlds I was creating with my children many years ago.
I used my iPad Pro Lidar camera to 3D-scan a Duplo construction which I imported in my #Tiltbrush scene, and added all the snowy effects using different brushes.
I hope you enjoy this scene and let me wish you a very and above all healthy 2021. May the better times return.

This scene is also available as a 3D VR seated experience using your VR goggles. The 4:26 minute experience is for sale for $5 using the PayPal link below. Once the transaction is complete, you’ll receive a download link to my One Drive. There you download the file. Once downloaded you can transfer this experience to your pc/headset. You can use any VR-movie viewer to watch!

( By buying this scene you confirm to use it for personal use only and not to distribute it in any way )

VR: Jelly Fish

I'm really obsessed with space, aliens and that kind of stuff. VR allows me to create what's impossible, what's only possible in my mind and my fantasies, like the weirdest shapes in enormous sizes and unlimited forms. Enjoy this alien Jelly Fish
I’m really obsessed with space, aliens and that kind of stuff. VR allows me to create what’s impossible, what’s only possible in my mind and my fantasies, like the weirdest shapes in enormous sizes and unlimited forms. Enjoy this alien Jelly Fish

A Jelly-Fish

Marianne Moore – 1887-1972

Visible, invisible,
A fluctuating charm,
An amber-colored amethyst
Inhabits it; your arm
Approaches, and
It opens and
It closes;
You have meant
To catch it,
And it shrivels;
You abandon
Your intent—
It opens, and it
Closes and you
Reach for it—
The blue
Surrounding it
Grows cloudy, and
It floats away
From you.

VR: Halloween Shadow Box

The final #TiltBrush#Halloween Shadowbox City Scene is here. I created this scene using lots of old skool weird postcards, which I edited in #Photoshop to obtain transparant images. Then I arranged them in #VirtualReality into some shadowbox like environment, added 1920’s music and mixed everything together. Enjoy and beware of the spiders! If you want to experience this scene in VR using your VR goggles follow this link: https://veer.tv/videos/221184

VR: Cave II

Still from my Cave II VR scene

I’m always intrigued by dark spaces, scenes and surroundings you can only discover in your dreams.
This scene also reminds me of my childhood, when I was hiding under the blankets as a small child, in a landscape filled with holes, mysterious trees and caves, under a shattered light of my reading light which came through the blankets….

VR: Video World

"Videoworld", by Rein Bijlsma
“Videoworld”, by Rein Bijlsma

Sit back and relax! I created this scene in #VR using #TiltBrush and #3DRudder ( for smooth inside VR filming ), and used a video I created earlier as the main “building part”. The trees and leaves were created using some Tilt Brush brushes and two transparant png-files. I’m always trying to see how I can expand the possibilities of Tilt Brush, trying to create something beyond the usual stuff of drawing something using just strokes and brushes.

VR: Palacio des Bellas Artes

Palacio des Bellas Artes, by Rein Bijlsma
Palacio des Bellas Artes, by Rein Bijlsma

New Tvori Test: I picked up #Tvori again and imported the Palacia Model ( photogrammetry by Miguel Bandera, CC Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike: https://skfb.ly/6QSRF) and combined it with a #VR scene I created in Google Poly. Music is: “Navajo Night” by Audionatix, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…) Artiest: http://audionautix.com/)

VR: Would you change the World

TiltBrush scene by Rein Bijlsma
Part of this scene

This #VR#Art#TiltBrush project was created using a sketch by Anne van Dalen, a Dutch artist living in Leeuwarden ( Ljouwerd ), The Netherlands. Her sketch was part of an art project called “From Leeuwarden with Love”, consisting of sending artistic postcards to people all over the country, trying to change the world with her artistic point of view. Visit her website ( in Dutch language ) here: https://www.annevandalen.nl/ I edited her sketch using different techniques, amongst them Deep Dream Generator, added some 3D objects which I created in Oculus Medium and textured in Marmoset Toolbag using using her original sketch and the one I edited. This resulted in a different view of our worlds. Trying to find other worlds behind the ones you see can be a comforting experience. While searching for some appropiate music I stumbled upon a song from Min-Y-Llan, a Welsh artist: “Would you change the world?”, which was an exact fit for this scene. You can find it here: https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Mi….

My #TiltBrush “Would you change the world”- scene as a Facebook #3D Depth photo

Geplaatst door Rein Bijlsma, Virtual Artist op Zondag 28 juni 2020