VR: Duplo Winter Wonderworld

We all want to be a child again, every now and then. Playing with toys, puppets, cars, and everyone will remember playing with Lego and Duplo!
In these troubled times I could escape into virtual reality and rebuild the worlds I was creating with my children many years ago.
I used my iPad Pro Lidar camera to 3D-scan a Duplo construction which I imported in my #Tiltbrush scene, and added all the snowy effects using different brushes.
I hope you enjoy this scene and let me wish you a very and above all healthy 2021. May the better times return.

This scene is also available as a 3D VR seated experience using your VR goggles. The 4:26 minute experience is for sale for $5 using the PayPal link below. Once the transaction is complete, you’ll receive a download link to my One Drive. There you download the file. Once downloaded you can transfer this experience to your pc/headset. You can use any VR-movie viewer to watch!

( By buying this scene you confirm to use it for personal use only and not to distribute it in any way )

VR: Jelly Fish

I'm really obsessed with space, aliens and that kind of stuff. VR allows me to create what's impossible, what's only possible in my mind and my fantasies, like the weirdest shapes in enormous sizes and unlimited forms. Enjoy this alien Jelly Fish
I’m really obsessed with space, aliens and that kind of stuff. VR allows me to create what’s impossible, what’s only possible in my mind and my fantasies, like the weirdest shapes in enormous sizes and unlimited forms. Enjoy this alien Jelly Fish

A Jelly-Fish

Marianne Moore – 1887-1972

Visible, invisible,
A fluctuating charm,
An amber-colored amethyst
Inhabits it; your arm
Approaches, and
It opens and
It closes;
You have meant
To catch it,
And it shrivels;
You abandon
Your intent—
It opens, and it
Closes and you
Reach for it—
The blue
Surrounding it
Grows cloudy, and
It floats away
From you.

VR: Halloween Shadow Box

The final #TiltBrush#Halloween Shadowbox City Scene is here. I created this scene using lots of old skool weird postcards, which I edited in #Photoshop to obtain transparant images. Then I arranged them in #VirtualReality into some shadowbox like environment, added 1920’s music and mixed everything together. Enjoy and beware of the spiders! If you want to experience this scene in VR using your VR goggles follow this link: https://veer.tv/videos/221184

VR: Cave II

Still from my Cave II VR scene

I’m always intrigued by dark spaces, scenes and surroundings you can only discover in your dreams.
This scene also reminds me of my childhood, when I was hiding under the blankets as a small child, in a landscape filled with holes, mysterious trees and caves, under a shattered light of my reading light which came through the blankets….

VR: Video World

"Videoworld", by Rein Bijlsma
“Videoworld”, by Rein Bijlsma

Sit back and relax! I created this scene in #VR using #TiltBrush and #3DRudder ( for smooth inside VR filming ), and used a video I created earlier as the main “building part”. The trees and leaves were created using some Tilt Brush brushes and two transparant png-files. I’m always trying to see how I can expand the possibilities of Tilt Brush, trying to create something beyond the usual stuff of drawing something using just strokes and brushes.

VR: Palacio des Bellas Artes

Palacio des Bellas Artes, by Rein Bijlsma
Palacio des Bellas Artes, by Rein Bijlsma

New Tvori Test: I picked up #Tvori again and imported the Palacia Model ( photogrammetry by Miguel Bandera, CC Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike: https://skfb.ly/6QSRF) and combined it with a #VR scene I created in Google Poly. Music is: “Navajo Night” by Audionatix, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…) Artiest: http://audionautix.com/)

VR: Would you change the World

TiltBrush scene by Rein Bijlsma
Part of this scene

This #VR#Art#TiltBrush project was created using a sketch by Anne van Dalen, a Dutch artist living in Leeuwarden ( Ljouwerd ), The Netherlands. Her sketch was part of an art project called “From Leeuwarden with Love”, consisting of sending artistic postcards to people all over the country, trying to change the world with her artistic point of view. Visit her website ( in Dutch language ) here: https://www.annevandalen.nl/ I edited her sketch using different techniques, amongst them Deep Dream Generator, added some 3D objects which I created in Oculus Medium and textured in Marmoset Toolbag using using her original sketch and the one I edited. This resulted in a different view of our worlds. Trying to find other worlds behind the ones you see can be a comforting experience. While searching for some appropiate music I stumbled upon a song from Min-Y-Llan, a Welsh artist: “Would you change the world?”, which was an exact fit for this scene. You can find it here: https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Mi….

My #TiltBrush “Would you change the world”- scene as a Facebook #3D Depth photo

Geplaatst door Rein Bijlsma, Virtual Artist op Zondag 28 juni 2020

Deep Dream Images

On this page, which will be updated regularly, you’ll find my latest Deep Dream generated pictures.

The Louvre 2018, created with Oculus Medium and Tilt Brush by Rein Bijlsma in virtual Reality
The Louvre 2018
“Deep Dream Geisha”
A short movie created after a Deep Dream image, edited with some iPhone apps afterwards.
Deep Dream Bali, edited by Rein Bijlsma
Deep Dream Car, edited by Rein Bijlsma
Deep Dream Car
Deep Dream Carnaval, edited by Rein Bijlsma
Deep Dream Carnaval
Deep Dream "Drowned City", an edited Deep Dream image of one of my Tilt Brush Creations
Deep Dream Cameleon
Deep Dream Fungus, edited by Rein Bijlsma
Deep Dream Fungus
Deep Dream Skull
Deep Dream Skull
The same skull as above, edited with Mug Life app
Deep Dream Tattoo
Deep Dream Tattoo
Deep Dream Eye, by Rein Bijlsma
Deep Dream Eye

VR: Forepost

In this scene I used objects from different scources: a city created in Google #Blocks, a Mandel-brot structure created with MandelBulber, some spherical objects to which I added different textures and the rest was assembled in #TiltBrush

Forepost, created in Tilt brush, Google Blocks and MandelBulber

Created with TiltBrush, Google Blocks and Mandelbulber

And here’s the 360 degree version:


VR: The Four Seasons

Here’s a large diorama like scene I created in Tilt Brush, inspired by the diorama’s I admired during my childhood, and of course by Vivaldi’s famous “Four Seasons”.
If you own Tilt Brush you can buy this scene for only $ 3.00 and explore this in Virtual Reality using Google Tilt Brush!
Once the buying process is completed you’ll receive the download link in your email. Copy the downloaded file into your Users/Documents/Tilt Brush/Sketches-folder and you’re ready to Tilt!

This Tilt file may not be distributed or used for commercial purposes. By buying it you agree with these conditions.

The Four Seasons: Japan, recreated in Tilt Brush
The Four Seasons: Japan, recreated in Tilt Brush


The Four Seasons: England, recreated in Tilt Brush
The Four Seasons: England, recreated in Tilt Brush


The Four Seasons: England, recreated in Tilt Brush
The Four Seasons: England, recreated in Tilt Brush


The Four Seasons: Amsterdam, recreated in Tilt Brush
The Four Seasons: Amsterdam, recreated in Tilt Brush


VR: Holocaust

I’ve been hesitating for a long time if I should create this scene in virtual reality, but after a discussion about this project of Facebook, which raised some pure racist comments and reactions, I decided to continue, because it’s obvious that one has to keep the memory alive of what terrible things have happened during the Holocaust. Virtual reality, being a new and modern way of communication and expression  can be used as well to reach a wider, younger audience.
I tried to keep this scene as simple as possible, to focus on the victims which are depicted here.

If you own Tilt Brush, you can download this scene for free using this LINK. Extract the files and place them in your main Tilt Brush directory. Beware: Large file, so a fast computer and an adequate GPU might be necessary

This scene is meant for personal use only. Feel free to contact me for further enquiries.

Untitled_99_00 Untitled_99_01 Untitled_99_03

VR: Winter Wonderland 2018

Here’s my Winterwonderland 2018 project, made in Tilt Brush, Google Blocks, and a little bit of Gravity Sketch. I also used many photo’s and some free models I found on the internet. The scene consists of a main, frozen pond, situated between several caves where you can take a virtual tour at some large religions of the world: Christianity, symbolized by a medieval monastery and elements of the Sagra Familia in Barcelona. Also depicted are the Buddhist religion, inspired buy some Thai temples I visited, ancient Egypt, the Islam and Hinduism, as shown in a Taj Mahal like atmosphere.

You can download this scene for free if you own Tilt Brush, by using this LINK. Be sure to read the included Read me first-file as well.
Beware: Be downloading this scene you agree to use it for personal use only. This scene may not be used  for commercial/educational activities and may not be redistributed to third parties without my written permission

If you enjoyed my scene, consider sending a gift to my Pay Pal- account using my e-mailaddres: ReinBijlsma@live.nl