VR: Holocaust

I’ve been hesitating for a long time if I should create this scene in virtual reality, but after a discussion about this project of Facebook, which raised some pure racist comments and reactions, I decided to continue, because it’s obvious that one has to keep the memory alive of what terrible things have happened during the Holocaust. Virtual reality, being a new and modern way of communication and expression¬† can be used as well to reach a wider, younger audience.
I tried to keep this scene as simple as possible, to focus on the victims which are depicted here.

If you own Tilt Brush, you can download this scene for free using this LINK. Extract the files and place them in your main Tilt Brush directory. Beware: Large file, so a fast computer and an adequate GPU might be necessary

This scene is meant for personal use only. Feel free to contact me for further enquiries.

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VR: Winter Wonderland 2018

Here’s my Winterwonderland 2018 project, made in Tilt Brush, Google Blocks, and a little bit of Gravity Sketch. I also used many photo’s and some free models I found on the internet. The scene consists of a main, frozen pond, situated between several caves where you can take a virtual¬†tour at some large religions of the world: Christianity, symbolized by a medieval¬†monastery and elements of the Sagra Familia in Barcelona. Also depicted are the Buddhist religion, inspired buy some Thai temples I visited, ancient Egypt, the Islam and Hinduism, as shown in a Taj Mahal like atmosphere.

You can download this scene for free if you own Tilt Brush, by using this LINK. Be sure to read the included Read me first-file as well.
Beware: Be downloading this scene you agree to use it for personal use only. This scene may not be used  for commercial/educational activities and may not be redistributed to third parties without my written permission

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